Happy Anniversary and Thank You, Dear Husband! Our Lucky Number 13

There are some places where the number 13 is considered lucky. Italy is one of them. Being of Italian descent makes this fact warms my heart. Today, Dear Husband, you and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary! What are we doing to celebrate? Going to Bambino’s back to school night, of course! There are so … More Happy Anniversary and Thank You, Dear Husband! Our Lucky Number 13

Am I Alone?

I want to be writing. I have all of these ideas bouncing around in my head that NEED to get out but then I lose track of them when I actually get a moment to write. Am I the only one? Is there anyone out there who has this problem, too? You find something you’re … More Am I Alone?

The Gift of Giving

We’ve all heard the saying in one form or another: “It is better to give than to receive.” Yesterday I had the opportunity to explain this phrase to three 8 year-olds while also giving them a way to experience it. In the process I gave thanks to God, the Universe, a bunch of people who … More The Gift of Giving

Time to Detox

We all know that toxins are bad. We make sure that we don’t have toxins in our food. We don’t want pesticides on our fruits and vegetables. We know when something is bad by the way it smells or the way it looks. (Although if you ask Dear Husband, guacamole is bad because it ‘looks … More Time to Detox

You’re right.

How many times have we heard these words? I mean when someone wasn’t being sarcastic or snarky. How many times have we said them? And meant them? The answer to all of those questions is probably “not too often.” It is probably less often if you’re married. 😉 Why? Why don’t we hear them? Maybe … More You’re right.