The First Day of School…

I am actually excited!! I want to attend this class. I’m not forced to be here. I chose to be here. Though maybe I shouldn’t have read any other blogs before starting my assignment. Now I’m a bit intimidated. What are others going to think of me? Will they like what I write? Will I make any new friends? Am I dressed OK?

OK. Here goes.

My name is Theresa. I fell in love with writing in high school thanks to a wonderful teacher. Everyone thought she was a little off the wall but I was inspired by her. Mostly I wrote because I was assigned to. Then I found that I had a lot say and I could express myself so much better through the written word.

But I got scared. I had been keeping a journal for longer than I can remember. (I still have them all, too.) But when it came time to share my creative writing, the personal pieces, I just couldn’t do it. I felt like they were too much a part of me that if I shared them then the world would know too much about me.

Then more inspiration struck. A friend I had before high school published a few fitness books. And just last year he published his ‘big book’. I bought it. I read it. I played fan-girl and got him to sign it. I follow him and everything he says is about being ‘you’ and to just get out there and do what you love to do. And the heck with what everyone else thinks. He is inspirational.

That doesn’t abate the fear of… duhn duhn duhn… Rejection. Will anyone like my stuff? Will anyone even read my stuff? Will they think poorly of me if my writing is no good?

So. Here I am. An employee. A mom. A wife. A friend. A Writer.

I am blogging, or taking a stab at blogging, instead of just keeping a journal to get over the fear-of-rejection hurdle. If I can start letting strangers read blog posts, my personal thoughts about whatever, then maybe I will be able to get my short stories and novel published. (Well, once I actually finish them.)

Thank you everyone who has posted and admitted to being nervous about doing it. I draw courage from your courage. Thank you to the people who have been doing it for a long time. I seek knowledge from your knowledge. And thank you to everyone who reads this. I am encouraged by you.


19 thoughts on “The First Day of School…

  1. I love your honesty in this post. I was really hesitant too, to start a blog, join facebook and intagram. Was I really ready to go public with myself? It was really scary for me at first. I have found however that blogging is a very positive space, people are so encouraging, and I’m becoming to get accustomed to sharing more and more. I hope you keep blogging, I am interested to follow your thoughts, and I’m sure others are too!

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  2. As a fellow writer I can tell you that, at some point, the arrows will fly. One of them will hit you somewhere that hurts and it will bring you to a moment of crisis. The thing to remember, as you hang yourself out there, is that any writer you can think of has people that absolutely loath them. As personal as writing is, reviewing is decidedly impersonal. Blogging is a bit safer and it seems a good way to build up your courage, but don’t let the fear of rejection or bad review scare you away. I can tell just in this blurb that you have a writer in you, so keep plugging away and that portion of you will grow… proportionally? I didn’t do that on purpose, I swear.

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  3. What a lovely post! I especially liked the last para. seek courage from your courage and knowledge from your knowledge . I so agree with that 🙂
    Thanks for the follow 🙂

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