Thank You. Sincerely.

Everyone can be happy. It is in all of us to be happy. We just have to choose to be happy.

I am happy and optimistic by nature and nurture. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) I don’t like to live in the past. When I was just a teenager I already knew the uselessness of regret. I didn’t know then how unusual I was when I would say “I don’t regret anything. Regret is a waste of time.”*

I know now how different I was and continue to be. And I am grateful for my uniqueness.

My ideal audience is the person who…

shi fu inner peace

  • Wants to be blissful as they go through life
  • Wants to be able to see the beauty in everything around them
  • Wants to know the secret to inner peace 


And it is the person who…

  • Thinks they can’t have it all
  • Fears that nothing will ever get better
  • Doesn’t know that they are loved, always

And my ideal audience is the person who…

  • Is already blissful
  • Sees beauty around them
  • Knows the secret to inner peace
  • Knows they can have it all
  • Knows that everything is just as it should be
  • Knows they are loved, always

family hugging

The first thing that I want you to know is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Inner peace, blissfulness, calm, living in the now is something that takes work and effort.


shocked baby face

I know, right?! What a pain in the… But It gets easier and it is worth every struggle.

My relationships with my husband, son, mother, brothers and friends have improved. I sleep better at night. I don’t clench my teeth as often. I have even found courage I didn’t know I had. Clicking ‘Publish’ on my blog posts, for instance.

I want you to join me on this path to calm. You’re going to have to open your mind and your heart. You will have to work on you. You may get angry. You might even get frustrated. That’s OK.  Believe in your dream.

And for my fellow peaceful travelers, please share your stories as I will share mine.

Start and End With Gratitude

There are so many things to be grateful for. I start and end each day expressing my gratitude.

What am I grateful for? Here are just a few.

  • That I have eyes to see
  • That I am able to feel the warmth from the sun, the moisture from the rain, the cold that gets right into my bones
  • For my family and friends and their never ending support and encouragement
  • For the courage to click ‘Publish’

There is always something, even just one thing, to be thankful for. Find it. Offer that thanks to God, Goddess, Universe. Do it sincerely. Do it because you want to, not because you have to.

If you are grateful for a person, tell them. Don’t hesitate or worry about what they will think. Just say ‘thank you’. You will be amazed by the result.

Thank you, dear friend!


*I promise there will be more about regret being useless.



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