Look. Listen. Dream.

Today’s Bogging 101 assignment was to post based on a prompt. The Daily Post‘s daily prompt was full of so many great ideas! But this one just grabbed hold of me.

My prompt… Three-Tenths

Write down 10 words. Pick 3. These 3 are the post title. And… Write!

My full list: welcome, look, gratitude, listen, red, coffee, awake, dream, sleep, blanket

The 3 words of my title practically jumped into my lap when I was done writing my list. I’m glad they did.


Each day I make it a point of looking around at my surroundings. Not just glancing and seeing trees, cars, houses, people, etc. But really looking.20151104_111959

I look at the colors that are painted across the sky in the morning as the sun rises while I drive to work. And as the sun sets on my way home. Every morning and every evening is different. Sometimes a little different and sometimes really different. All of them beautiful. There are so many amazing colors when you really look.

I look at the decorations that are on people’s homes. There are still some Christmas lights up and on. They make me smile. I have seen some Valentine’s Day decorations already. Looking at those makes me think that someone loves love. And they want to share that with the world.

Have you ever really looked into someone’s eyes to see all of the different colors in their blue or hazel eyes? Have you looked at the wonder in your child’s eyes or the love in your husband’s eyes? I remind myself to do that because these are the people I see every day but sometimes forget to really look at.

Listen to them. Really listen to those same people whose eyes you are taking a deeper look at. When they ask for a glass of water are they really asking to spend more time with you. Don’t just hear that they are talking. Listen to the words. Listen to what is beneath those words.

Listen to the world around you. The traffic. The chatter. The clicking of keyboards. The babies crying. And listen to the things that are a bit softer… The comforting sounds of a mother’s voice. The music that the person is listening to while they type. The kind words that the people are saying to each other. The birds flying around the cars.

Now… listen to the silence. The pause between the words, between the chirps between the notes. The silence that makes all of the other noises sound beautiful. In the silence I find peace and beauty and God.

In the silence…

I can DREAM.


All photos were taken by me on a recent trip to Hawai’i.



10 thoughts on “Look. Listen. Dream.

  1. After reading your post, I took some time to really look at and listen to what surrounds me. I saw the beauty in the snow outside, and heard how quiet the entire scene was – snow is so peaceful. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, especially because usually I dislike snow and complain about driving in it, shoveling it, etc.
    Thank you for giving me a different perspective.

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  2. Love this post, Teressina, and the prompt that led to it. I’ll have to try that one sometime when I’m stuck. You took a “gimmicky” prompt and created something lovely. My favorite line: “The pause between the words, between the chirps between the notes.” I’m curious about how you came up with your original list. Did you simply jot down the first words that came to mind? Or did you pull them from somewhere? I think it could work either way. Thank you for a meaningful post. A nice way to close out my day.

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    1. I am so happy that you enjoyed this post. It felt really good to write. The list of words were really random words that came to mind. I was at work and took a break from my task. I cleared my head then just quickly wrote those words. I guess I may have been a little tired. 🙂 Thank you for such a lovely compliment. ❤


  3. This post is like reading a poem , listening to a song ..very beautiful. I always like the dialogue from Avatar when the blue people say “I see you” for I really “see” you , your soul , your feelings .. love you .

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