Disco Party? Or Goldilocks?

I work in a corporate office and I spend most of my day in a cubicle. It’s a pretty nice office. It’s quiet and clean. We just moved to the space in May 2015. There is a half-round couch with a bar height table on its back and some tall chairs. The kitchen is big and people can gather there. The whole space is great for collaboration and cultivating friendships. There are big windows which let in so much natural light. The lighting is great!

Well, almost great. Disco_ball4

This brand new space has one glitch. And it is right above my desk. The light blinks off and on randomly. One day it doesn’t blink at all. The next day it won’t stop and it’s like a strobe light at a night club.

My brain just can’t handle this. I am not prone to seizures and I don’t want to find out what it is like to have one. I also strongly believe that light frequency can mess with the frequency in our brains causing all kinds of negative reactions. Who needs that?!

So, to avoid negativity…

I move. I mean I take my laptop and move around to different seats in the office.

I tried another cubicle not too far from mine. That was kind of out in the middle of things and people kept stopping to ask me why I was sitting there. Or what was I doing. Or whatever nonsense came to mind. It was too social.

I tried the aforementioned sofa. It is pretty comfortable. The little table was just big enough for my laptop but not big enough for my notebook. And because not many people sit there, I became a conversation piece. They talked about me instead of to me. It was too impersonal.

For the past 2 days I have been sharing kind of an enclosed cubicle pen with Cara Amica. It is kind of like having a slumber party (without the slumber, of course). We have enough comfort between us that we don’t feel the need to talk constantly but it is nice to just turn around to chat with her. People don’t talk about me. They don’t talk to me. It is just right!

Of course I will be happy to get back to my own space which I will soon enough because Great Manager has been on top of the maintenance people to fix it.

This company has been a blessing to me in so many ways. I am so glad that I landed here. And whether I’m having a disco party or playing Goldilocks, I am truly grateful for the people I work with and can call my friends.

Thanks to wikipedia.com for the image.



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