On Selfies and Hypocricy

I read a great opinion post on selfies by Olive These Words. So well written without being pretentious or offensive. And I found myself nodding along, agreeing with everything. Then I realized that I’m a hypocrite.

I can’t agree with everything because then how do I explain some of my own pictures?  I have taken selfies. Dear Husband owns a selfie stick. I mean how can I poo-poo everything from atop my high horse when I am guilty, too?

Just say no to the duck face!

The only duck face that should be in pictures is an actual duck. Or when my adorable 7 year old takes square pretzels or crackers and puts them in his lips to look like a duck. (I really wish I had a picture of that right now because that is funny stuff. Stay tuned for an update because I am sure I can get him to be silly soon.)

Perhaps it is a generational thing but… why? I mean do people think it is attractive or seductive? I am seriously asking ‘why the duck face’. I understand a ‘come hither’ look. Or ‘bedroom eyes’ or even blowing a kiss. But sticking ones lips out and capturing this to share with the world just doesn’t make sense to me.

See? We can take perfectly nice pictures without duck lips. 20151029_193613[1]

I say ‘generational thing’ because while I certainly don’t consider myself old by any means, there are young women, 10-15 years younger than me, who make take these duck faced selfies and share them on a regular basis. Maybe I don’t understand it because I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 20 and it was used for making phone calls. Texting didn’t start until I was about 25 and that was with just the number pad. (Remember trying to type something so simple as ‘hi’? Press 4 twice, wait a moment, then press 4 thrice.) So having constant access to a camera is something that hasn’t been the majority of my life time. Maybe Bambino will be able to explain it to me when he’s older since he has known smart phones since he was 2.

Selfie Sticks Have a Time and a Place

Here’s where I am on both sides of the fence. Jonathan James makes a great point… When there are other people around, ask for help! Are we so antisocial or afraid of others that we can’t ask for someone to take a picture for us? I backpacked around Europe when I was 19. I had a camera for taking pictures. That’s it. Not a phone, not a tripod, not a selfie stick. While I wasn’t in a lot of pictures, there were plenty of people nice enough to take my picture and not take my camera.

On the flip side, Dear Husband bought a selfie stick before we went on vacation. I chided him something fierce because, from my high horse, I saw no place for a selfie stick. Well, I’m not on that horse any more. He explained that sometimes there are scenery shots that we just can’t take by holding the camera ourselves. Sometimes you really do need to be 7 feet tall to get a really great shot. Some of the pictures he came home with were incredible.

So whatever side of the selfie fence you’re on, please consider the rest of us when you post your pictures. And for pete’s sake, if someone offers you help to take a picture, take the help!


4 thoughts on “On Selfies and Hypocricy

  1. “Time and place” is the key. If you are using your selfie stick to capture scenery in a way that mere mortal limbs could not capture, you’ll hear no complaint from me.

    If all it’s used for is more angled pictures of one’s self in the bathroom, that’s where I draw the line.

    And, as I admitted as well, my wife takes ‘selfies’ of us all the time. Most times it is in places where it’s awkward to ask people to take a picture or there is no one around (ie: on the train. laying around our living room)

    The ultimate questions come down to these: Why are you taking the picture? Are you doing it to capture only your own face in some pretentious way? Are you self promoting? Could someone else, likely very nearby, have taken a more quality picture of you if you’d only asked?

    Thank you so much for the ping and I’m glad you enjoyed my rant.

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