Off Topic. Sort of.

I may have mentioned that I really like writing. And I am really enjoying blogging and being part of this blogging community. I read what I can when I can. I engage and participate when I get the chance. (I’m not sure how you all seem to have so much time to read and write. Frankly, I admire it. Don’t you sleep? :-))

I have come up with some ideas, things I want to write about but I don’t because I feel that it goes against my initial purpose of starting this blog. I feel like I would be betraying my readers because they signed on thinking that I would be writing about love and peace and finding it in my life. And giving everyone clues or ideas on how to find it in their own lives.

Then I get an update from another blogger who just wrote something from the heart. Something that they wanted to share with everyone even though it isn’t exactly what they said their purpose was. And you know what? I don’t feel betrayed! I feel connected. More so than if I read posts that were only about their intended purpose.

Thank you, fellow bloggers! I sincerely appreciate all of your writings, ramblings, thoughts, and hearts.

So, I hope you don’t mind but from time to time, I will publish posts that aren’t all about finding inner peace and calm. Thank you for reading. Thank you for following. As I get more proficient, I’ll try to categorize my posts for those of you who want to follow a particular path of my mind and heart. (I wouldn’t mind any guidance from seasoned bloggers. 🙂 )

On this day where some celebrate St. Valentine, I hope you all are able to find love and kindness. Regardless of your beliefs. No matter if you celebrate or not. May you find at least one thing that makes you happy and just one thing grateful for.

I also want to wish a happy birthday to Brother #1. He is the first sibling I ever had. No matter what has happened in the past 38 years, there is always love and he will always be my brother.


11 thoughts on “Off Topic. Sort of.

  1. I wonder whether many of us stick to our paths – I try to keep my posts light hearted but in the past I have opened up to the sadness and loss of my wonderful mom who I completely adored – your blog is “yours” to write and share whatever you feel is in your head and heart at any given time 😊 xxx

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  2. The ‘one path’ bit is hard to stick to. My feeling is, have a base and build a schedule of sorts where people know they can find certain things on your blog at certain times (I have special menus for it too 😄) but feel free to color out of the lines at times. As the above commenter said, it’s your blog! Go where the inspiration takes you. You may find a whole other aspect to add to your blog.

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  3. I feel the exact way! But I feel like maybe it’s going off topic and revealing all of our true selves that you get to really know a blogger too. You know it’s like not just showing your pretty all the time but sometimes your ugly too? Don’t know- still trying to figure it out! Just keep writing I say. 😉

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  4. Thank you for this lovely and heartfelt post! I agree with the above comments. You can stick to a general theme and schedule but deviate with what your gut tells you to write sporadically. As you say, it will further engage your readers and be more fulfilling for you — a win win situation!

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  5. I have the same thoughts! I waver back and forth from deciding to write about whatever I want to write about to feeling like I need to have some focus. I guess I haven’t really decided yet what my purpose in writing is. It’s cathartic, disciplining, a commitment to myself and hopefully a connection. But, that still doesn’t wrap around a theme. I’m at a huge transition in life right now and I guess my blog is an aspect of that. At any rate, I’m writing more on a comment than I do in my blog! My point is that – I feel the same way and it’s nice to know we’re all on a blogging island together, so-to-speak.

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