Found it. Drank it. Loved it.

I participated in a cool blogging event a couple of months ago thanks to a Blogging101 assignment. I think about it often when I come across something that I want to share. Then, as usual, I lose track of time and don’t get to posting on the right day.

Not today! (By my clock I still have 3.5 hours left of Friday.)

The event is ‘Share Weekly Finds‘ hosted by A Dark World Inside. Check it out because I would like to know what awesome things you find.

I found this cool website that sells natural and organic products. They seem to really care about the environment. They are definitely interested in the health of the human race. Garbage in, garbage out. But in their case, good stuff in, good stuff out. It looks like they spent a lot of time choosing the products that have natural and organic ingredients. There is a pleasant lack of unpronounceable ingredients!

The site is called Earth Unsown.

And on this site I found a great product called Teeccino. It is an herbal coffee alternative. Anyone looking to kick a caffeine habit should try this. Anyone who likes tea should try this. Anyone who likes to try new things should try this. The specific one that I had was Mocha, in loose tea form (as opposed to tea bags).

This was so delicious that I would actually call it decadent. The aroma was soothing, calming. The first sip was like a treat that I snuck from my grandmother’s cookie jar. I didn’t put any sweetener in it because it didn’t need it.

I hope that you check out the site and the coffee alternative. There are different kinds, chocolate, vanilla nut, with dandelion root, Mediterranean roast… So many. Happy drinking!


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