We will be victorious

We are animals. We can’t help it, that’s how we were created. And it’s not a bad thing. Personally I think that when we remember we are animals we are also reminded that sometimes instinct takes over and keeps us safe. Instinct keeps our loved ones out of harm’s way. Instinct can be powerful and primal.

However, we are also reasoning being which keeps us out of jail.

But what do you do when someone does something that makes your mom cry and your husband enraged and makes you want to scream profanities you probably have never heard of while tearing apart a sofa with your bare hands? I mean when someone lies and manipulates and takes advantage of the goodness that is your nature while alternately wishing you well and calling you an ass hole… What do you do?

The animal side wants to pluck eye lashes and nose hairs one by one while shoving fiberglass splinters under that person’s fingernails. The reasoning side goes along with the law because going against the law will certainly land you in more trouble than this trickster is worth.

When it is a family who is being taken advantage of and they get more and more territorial as the process plays out, how does everyone manage to stay sane and not fight among themselves? How does the pack defend themselves? How does the clan stay on the right side of the law and talk the few off the ledge and back into the fold before getting themselves into trouble?

If you have the answers, please let me know.

The only think I know to do is to follow the rules in this case lest we end up getting into trouble. I can also write and I can remind myself and my loved ones that we will NOT let some scum bucket get the better of us.

I have a wonderful, kind, generous husband who is ready to fight to the death to protect his family and his property. If ever the term “got his back up” needed a visual, it’s him right now. 🙂 He wants to change the law and change the world because of this nonsense. I wish that he could. And I know that it is really difficult for him sit back and let the process play out. It’s just not quick enough for him. (It’s not quick enough for me either but I’m his calming force.)

I want to remember and remind my loved ones that we will be victorious. We should not let one miserable, thoughtless, manipulative, conniving poor excuse for a human being get under our skin. We cannot let her get the better of us. It is our choice to NOT let her affect our productivity. The low life wins if we don’t things that need to get done for our personal enjoyment (like opening the pool).

I strongly believe that what we put out into the universe comes back to us. A lot of people call it karma. So while there are a lot of primal, territorial thoughts and feelings flying around our house I am working on, meditating on, praying for, etc. calm and peace. We have to remember that WE CHOOSE to keep our positive energy. WE CHOOSE to be better than those who lie to get ahead in life. WE CHOOSE to continue on with our lives, our summer plans without letting her think for one minute that she has affected our lives.

I know that some (most) of you may be wondering what in the world is going on but I will have to wait until this nonsense finally concludes before I will feel comfortable writing any more details. I do appreciate your reading this rant/reminder. We will keep our positivity. It’s the best thing that we can do. It irritates the crap out of the negatives. 🙂

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