Happy Birthday, Bambino! or What I Have Learned From You, My Son


I wanted to write this and post it a couple of days ago but the week has been filled with fun and laughter and tasks to get ready for a birthday party. It has been an amazing week!

Dear Bambino,

8 years and 2 days ago, I gave birth to an amazing little human. You! On that day I learned what ‘unconditional love’ truly means. I finally understood how much my own mother loves me. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you. I learned that I’m stronger than I realized and that Momma Bear is always just below the surface.

You have made my life so interesting, fun, and enlightening. I never knew that such a small person could make such a huge mess. And do it daily! I learned to wash and fold laundry with one hand because I was holding you, snuggled up on my shoulder.

When you started to walk and get into things, I learned how to leap over any obstacle to snatch you up from someplace you shouldn’t be. I want to keep you safe. It is my job to project you from things you don’t understand, at least until you do understand them. I also learned that there is no harm in pots, pans, and plastic containers coming out of their cabinets to be your play things. Everything does NOT have to in its place ALL the time.

The first day I dropped you at day care I learned that I can miss someone even after knowing them for only a few weeks. I wanted to just stay there and watch you. During the day I wanted to call the school to check on you and to hear your little voice.

I have learned how to define words that have been in my vocabulary for as long as I can remember without using the word in the definition. And I have learned to define words in terms simple enough for you to understand. I have also learned a lot of new words. Most of which are substitutes for cuss words which I don’t want you repeating.

Your wonder and amazement at everything around you reminds me to stop and look around, too. Your curiosity about so many things makes me stop and really look at the things you’re asking about. I have learned to slow down. Even though you go so fast, you still take the time to say “Wow! Look at this rock. It looks like a heart. Isn’t that amazing?”

Your altruism and kindness never ceases to amaze me. My favorite story about you is that we were at a festival one day, you were about 4, and there was a stranger, a woman, walking around. She looked unhappy or sad. You walked right up to her and gave her a hug. The smile that spread across her face was priceless. She said “That made my day!” You don’t know how many people you make happy every day. You don’t try. But you succeed.

‘Why’ is one your favorite words, even now that you’re 8. I have learned to question my motives. When I tell you to do or not do something and you ask ‘why’. I pause and thoroughly reflect on the why of my statement. Sometimes I realize that there is no good reason why you shouldn’t have ice cream for breakfast on a Saturday in the summer. Other times you learn that climbing onto the roof unsupervised is not safe and until you have better spacial and self awareness you cannot go up alone.

I have learned that the dishes can wait, you can’t. You won’t be little forever and you won’t always want me around so when you ask me to color with you or snuggle with you or run to the apple tree and back with you my answer should always be yes. The best thing that I have learned from you is how to love everyone and how to appreciate everything.

Thank you for coming into my life and for being the most wonderful son a mother could hope for.

All my love,




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