We don’t need no stinking plans!

“I love it when a plan comes together” – John “Hannibal” Smith, A-Team (TV show)

I am a planner. But when things ‘just happen’, I have witnessed wonderful things happen!

In the past few months there have been a few days that have gone completely not as planned. I count those days as some of the best, most precious days in my memory! I hope that you have days like these, too. I want more of these friend filled, unplanned, relaxing, and delicious days. (Yes, there is always food involved.)

First Amazing, Delicious Day

One Saturday afternoon in April I had planned for a few girlfriends to come over for lunch. We do this every few months or so and everyone brings food; we eat and drink while we catch up on our lives. I made bread, C made fresh pasta and dessert (chocolate amaretto mousse), K made meatballs and sauce (or gravy depending on which part of Italy you’re from), and A made a wonderful spring salad. While I was getting ready for my guests, I got a message from our neighbors asking about taking a group trip to buy seeds for our community garden. I sent Dear Husband and Bambino. The dads and kids went off to buy seeds.

Not long after that, Baby Brother and Fiancée sent a message saying they were coming by to help out with the garden. After my first guest arrived, I got another message, from my cousin, asking if we were up for company.

“Sure! C’mon over. The more the merrier.”

In total we ended up being 14 people that spring afternoon. We managed to feed everyone, too. 🙂 It was great getting our hands dirty and our bellies full. Hearing the laughter and feeling the positive energy was heartwarming. It was a blessing.

Second Amazing, Delicious Day

There was another weekend when we were gardening with Mr. Neighbor and his kids (Mrs. Neighbor was having some quiet time). After the work was done, the kids played and the adults sat on the patio while dinner was in the oven. Mr. Neighbor was giving the kids their 15 minute warning before they would head back to their own home for dinner.

Not long before dinner was finished cooking, Mrs. Neighbor showed up with a good friend who we hadn’t seen in a while! After pouring bourbon and perusing the garden, we all sat down to homemade pot pies (1 chicken and 1 vegetarian). There was, of course, enough for everyone.

The kids played Hide-and-Seek and caught fireflies as the sky darkened. We sat by the fire and had after dinner drinks (more bourbon) with our unexpected but always welcome dinner guests.

Third Amazing, Delicious Day

The cherry was the first thing to be eaten.

For Bambino’s birthday we went rafting. At the end of our trip we found an old fashioned ice cream shop complete with jukebox and vintage signs. It was a really neat place. He had an old fashioned sundae complete with a cherry on top. I had a simple root beer float. Dear Husband had a simple chocolate milkshake.


Then we stopped at High Point State Park on our way home. We weren’t in a rush and it was there so why not. (No food up there.) We got some great photos

All Bambino wanted for dinner was pizza. But he also wanted to be in a restaurant where people would sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. (He doesn’t really shy away from the limelight.) So we found an Italian place where he ordered a flatbread pizza. We asked the wait staff if they would sing. The waitress said “we don’t normally do that but for a little kid I am sure I can gather a few people.” Not only did they sing but they put a candle in the dessert he selected (semolina biscuits filled with mascarpone and strawberries drizzled with honey) AND the manager paid for the dessert. Bambino hugged both the waitress and the manager when he thanked them on our way out.

My gratitude

These are just 3 samples of some of the amazing days I have had when plans go out the window. I loved the spontaneity of these days. It was so heartwarming to see everyone together. I look back on these kinds of days, and these specifically, and all I can say is ‘Thank you!’ and ‘I want more.’

I find it difficult to describe the elation that I felt when I went to bed each night. I was surprised how each day played out. While I was in it, I remember thinking ‘this isn’t how I expected my day to go and I am happy about that.’ The unexpected can be really great. I find myself hoping for more unexpected days like these. They come. Every once in a while. And each one of them is a treasure to me.

I am grateful for each of these treasures. I am grateful to all of the people who made these amazing days possible simply because they were there. I hope that you get to experience unexpected pleasure, too. Just let go. Don’t try to control everything. That’s when great things happen. State your desire and then let go; don’t force it. Don’t worry about how it will happen. Trust and believe that it will.

All photos were taken by me.

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