Unexpected Encouragement and Sisterhood


Dream big!

I have heard this phrase a lot in the past few weeks. The people I have heard it from don’t know (or at least didn’t at the time) about this blog. They didn’t know that I am in the habit of dreaming bigger because I know that my dreams will come true. The reason they said it is because they, too, believe.

I have found a new sisterhood! Well, it is new to me but has been around for about 13 years. This sisterhood is in the form of a Direct Sales Company called Thirty-One Gifts.

I did not go searching for this. I didn’t even seriously consider myself a Direct Sales kind of gal. But an opportunity was presented. My skepticism had me asking question after question. I prayed about it. I used a muscle testing technique to figure out if this was for my, and my family’s, highest good. I even asked a friend to muscle test it for me.

I enrolled. I didn’t know all of the details about the team or all of the charities that have been helped. But it felt right. (I am learning about the giving aspect of this company and it is wonderful!)

About a week in, I had a ‘get to know you’ conversation with the Director. She was so welcoming and kind and non-threatening and helpful. I knew that this was a great idea.

Then she said 2 words. Two little words that had such a huge impact. And I heard these same words from my Sponsor. These 2 words just about floored me. I guess what they really did was confirm, in a way that leaves zero room for doubt, that this is the path that I am meant to be on.


Of course they said this because they are encouraging, wonderful women who also shoot for the stars. But the phrase for me, writer of Dream Bigger, felt like a firework exploded in my belly and spread light, warmth, and sparks throughout my body. I felt, and still feel weeks later, a passion that won’t be put out.

The more I learn about the company and the sisterhood, the brighter that light burns. I am so excited to share this news, this feeling with all of you! May you find your firework and continue to Dream Bigger!

Many thanks to the encouraging women who I have met (virtually) on this path. A super special thanks to my friend and Sponsor for helping me take this leap. And the biggest thank you goes to Dear Husband for supporting me on this path with his “it’s a no-brainer” comment.

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