Happy Everything!

Dream Bigger turns 1!

I just logged on and saw the notification that I started this account 1 year ago today! I cannot believe it has been a whole year of blogging (intermittently). I have enjoyed it and want to do more…

This blogging thing has not been as regular as I anticipated/planned/expected. But LIFE is what happens in between the things we have planned, right?


I looked at the date of my last post and it was nearly 3 months ago! My friends, I am sorry if you go to your inboxes hoping to see some inspiration from me just to find emails from a prince on the other side of the world offering you $40 million dollars to help him get a horse (or some other ridiculous scam).

A few weeks ago we celebrated Thanksgiving in America. It is a favorite holiday for a lot of people because it is about getting together with loved – or at least tolerated – ones and eating, drinking, and being merry without the obligation of gift giving. It is a time to reflect on all that we have and it is a reminder to be truly grateful. As we come up on Christmas (in 5 days!!), people are reminded – through various social and other media – that there are a lot of people less fortunate and that there are things we can do to help them.

Bambino will be filling a Giving Bag with toys and clothes that will go a local charity.

I love this time of year because so much good comes out. I see it in the overflowing donation bins and the kindness of strangers. Even door holding is more prevalent. It is a difficult time of year for some because… Well, there are a lot of reasons but there always seems to be a helping hand or warm hug. The heartwarming videos which friends have shared have brought me to happy tears. Daily. The children who ‘have’ will buy or make things for the children who ‘have not’. This sort of thing never ceases to amaze and humble me.20161219_120402

Bambino asked for a gift this year in a holiday print (yes, it is a Thirty-One tote 🙂 ). I asked if he was sure about the print because it is something he’ll use all year long.

His response inspires me…

“It’s a Christmas print, right? This way it will be Christmas all year long.”

Yes, my little love! Let’s keep the feeling going all year long!

As I said, this time of year tends to be a time of reflection. I do it. I look back on the past year and think about all the things I am grateful for and all of the fun that I have had. I also look to the future and all of the fun and gratitude that will come my way.

While it may seem cliché, I want to take a moment, as I hope you do, too, to share what matters most to me.

I am grateful for (in no particular order)…

  • Planned and UNplanned dinners with neighbs and friends.
  • The support and love I get from Dear Husband and Bambino daily; it is immeasurable!
  • Momma for everything!
  • Brothers 1, 2, & 3 for the fun every time we’re together.
  • Knowing that no matter how far away my friends are or how infrequently I see or talk to them, they are ALWAYS my dear friends and I can reach out to them at ANY time.
  • The sisterhood of Thirty-One that I have been brought into; it is amazing and wonderful and fun!
  • All of the people who have supported my business over the past few months including the gals who also took a leap of faith and joined my team.
  • My work ‘family’ (cheesy, right? but sincere) – the people who I see and talk with every weekday who have shared their lives and made the commute fun and worthwhile.
  • Every day that I wake up and can get out of bed and feel the warm or frigid (today ‘arctic’) air on my face.
  • New friends who feel like family that I have met this year.
  • The beauty in everything!
  • YOU! (for reading this all year. 🙂 )
  • My dreams and everyone who pushes me to follow them!

I know that I have so many other things to be thankful for but these are HUGE for me.

Have you written your proverbial Letter to Santa? What is on your list? My wish list is pretty simple…

Happiness, light, and peace for for everyone in my heart, everyone who reads this, and for everyone who doesn’t read this.

I would love to hear/read your gratitude list and your wish list. Remember that your dreams are never out of reach if you



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