The Gift of Giving

We’ve all heard the saying in one form or another:

“It is better to give than to receive.”

Yesterday I had the opportunity to explain this phrase to three 8 year-olds while also giving them a way to experience it. In the process I gave thanks to God, the Universe, a bunch of people who supported the cause, and Thirty-One Gifts.

Two of my Thirty-One Sisters, along with our children, put goodies into totes for people who are going through chemotherapy. We filled the bags with things like game books, coloring books, candies, lotions, and super soft socks. There were 24 bags in all!

Bambino was aware of why we were doing this because he’s heard me talking about it for the past month and a half while I was collecting money and items to put in the bags. He has not seen cancer ‘in person’ and doesn’t know the horrible effects chemo has on a person, but he does know that it exists and that it is ‘not cool’. Every couple of years he is also reminded of the children who get wigs because of chemo when I donate my hair to Locks of Love.

Before we started filling the bags I explained to the kids – who actually paid attention to me! – what we were doing and why. One of them finished my sentence…

“People who go through chemotherapy get really sick; they throw up and lose their hair. It’s not fun. So while they have to go through this awful thing, we are going to fill these bags to give to them and to hopefully bring them…”

Joy,” she said.

That is exactly right! The kids all agreed that this was a great thing to do and hoped that it would make patients smile.

We were able to do this because of Thirty-One. When I joined as a consultant 6 months ago, I didn’t realize how much I would get out of it. I have always wanted to give in some way. I donate old clothes or send hand-me-downs to friends with little boys. We give gifts to Toys for Tots at Christmastime. But that doesn’t feel like enough sometimes.

The Universe and God gave me Thirty-One when I was ready for it. Now, thanks to this sisterhood, I am able give more.

I had 25* people sponsor bags which meant they sent money so I could buy the bags. Then with my commissions I purchased things to go in the bags. There were also quite a few people who donated items for the bags which meant that I could buy even more! I am so blessed to have all of these people in my life.

So it was an amazing day of giving and sharing and showing our kids how they can give back, too. They understand that giving and helping others is part of the reason we’re on the planet.

Perhaps the old adage about giving and receiving is true because when we give we also receive a super wonderful, warm fuzzy feeling inside that makes us feel whole and connected.

Do you find joy in giving? I hope you do! ❤

*For those paying attention, the reason we filled only 24 of the 25 bags is because the last one was filled by a colleague for another colleague. It was a much more personal gift.

4 thoughts on “The Gift of Giving

  1. So heartwarming and inspirational, Teressina! That is so wonderful that you, your fellow 31 consultants, and your child helped put together these care packages. I just know that the recipients are grateful for the kindness and joy you’ve given them! ❤

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