Am I Alone?

I want to be writing. I have all of these ideas bouncing around in my head that NEED to get out but then I lose track of them when I actually get a moment to write. Am I the only one?

Is there anyone out there who has this problem, too?

You find something you’re passionate about which may not be part of your full time job or your every day routine and you desperately want to do it but then don’t seem to find the time for it. Then your idea withers. It doesn’t quite die; it might come back in a slightly different form.

Am I alone in this problem? (I highly doubt it.)

What do you do? How do you keep the fire burning?


I keep a notebook with me all the time but I usually have so many notebooks with so many notes I’m not sure where to look first!

Here’s what I’m going to do… I’m going to take all of my little notebooks and put them in a bag and hide the bag. I will use 1 notebook at a time to write my ideas.

I’m reminded of a movie I once saw where the main character kept a little leather bound notebook in his pocket all the time. He wrote in it with a stubby little pencil. (I have to go back and watch that movie, Finding Forrester. It is a great movie!)

Now, I don’t always have pockets but I always have a purse, tote, or bag of some sort. And in that bag I always have a Mini Zipper Pouch which will start housing my little notebook and a pen or pencil!

I’m also going to make time for my passion! Dear Husband and Bambino are so supportive that I know they will stand behind me on this.

This means that you may even hear from me a bit more often. (I actually have half a dozen blog drafts waiting to be completed. Half-baked ideas, if you will.)

I still want to know how you keep your ideas organized and alive. Because your idea could be kept alive simply by sharing it!

Here’s to dreaming bigger!



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