Snow Days and Summers Off

Ahhh to be in elementary school again. Remember when the phrase ‘snow day’ conjured images of sledding with your friends until your nose and toes were numb then going inside where Mom had hot chocolate ready for you? Then playing board games until it was time for everyone to go to their respective homes for dinner?

Remember when the phrase ‘school’s out’ meant “No more homework. No more books. No more teacher’s dirty looks.”? When it meant getting up at the crack of dawn because you wanted to so you could spend the whole day making up games, riding bikes, selling lemonade, and staying out until the street lights came on then catching fireflies after dinner?

Now ‘snow day’ means shoveling and clearing off cars to make sure that we can get to work, etc. then being sore the next day. Throwing a snowball isn’t quite as much fun when your shoulder hurts while you do it.

Now ‘school’s out’ means finding something to keep the kiddo busy while we work. It means making sure there is a camp to go to, somewhere they will create great memories and get something (educational?) out of.

I say “now” but what I really mean is “before I realized that life can be so much more”.

When I was home because of snow this past winter, and it was enough snow that we spent hours cleaning it, we managed to make it a great, fun day. Sure we – the adults – were sore the next day from using muscles we hadn’t used in a while. But we took the time to throw snow at each other. I decided that work would still be there when I went back to my computer. So I spent a little extra time with Dear Husband and Bambino outside. I mean, it was wet and cold but we built a snow fort. We went sledding with some friends. (I even went down the hill on a sled. I may have even fallen off the sled.)

Once school ended, I decided that I would make it a point of enjoying my summer with Bambino and Dear Husband.

And I did! (They enjoyed themselves, too, by the way. 🙂 )

We caught, and released, fireflies. We spent more time in the hammock and on our amazing patio. We went on a few road trips and did some day trips. We even got to see the Solar Eclipse in totality! (That is worthy of its own post!) We spent time at the pool and had impromptu leftovers dinners with friends. We rode bikes and played made up games.

I know we grumble about snow days because we have to work which includes our jobs AND clearing snow. And we bitch about summer because we have to work AND figure out something for the kids to do to keep them out of trouble and keep their brains from turning to mush. But we should stop grumbling!

snow day.jpg

I declare that from now on I will be happy about snow days because:

  • I will throw a snow ball.
  • I will be hit by a snow ball.
  • I will make a snow angel.
  • I will make hot chocolate.
  • I will build snow forts (assuming it is good packing snow because if it isn’t then the fort will just be a pile of snow).
  • I will go sledding (and probably fall off and get snow in my boots).

I declare that from now on I will be happy about no school in the summer because:

  • I will splash and be splashed.
  • I will swim after work or at least dangle my feet in. (I might even swim after dark, too. Shhhh!)
  • I will spend more time in the hammock with my boys.
  • I will have more dinners on the patio.
  • I will sit on my amazing patio that Dear Husband has made a paradise and read more. (I might drag him out there for a night cap, too.)

ethan in the pool2

I am deciding to make the most of the days which I used to grumble about. So if you hear me complain about the snow days or the summer, remind me of my decision and my declaration.

I hope that you decide to have an amazing life and dream bigger!


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