Scrivere means to write in Italian. I love to write and I adore the Italian language, traditions, and culture.

Italians always seem so happy! They eat. They love. They don’t make excuses for themselves. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They do take their food and wine seriously.

Everything you see I owe to spaghetti. – Sophia Loren

These are all things that I want in my life. I want happiness and love and food and wine and laughter. I want to share all of these things with my friends and family and everyone. I want to learn from people who have these things in their lives already. So please share your experiences and thoughts.

Here is where I will share my journey. I want to give hope, love, light, and peace to all. Life can be tough and mad-sad and bitter but I want everyone to know that their dreams can come true. Whatever that dream is, big like getting an uninterrupted night of sleep with an infant in the house or small like climbing Mount Everest, it is possible. I will admit that I didn’t always believe this. I did when I was younger, I lost it along the way but I’m back! With stars in my eyes, fire in my blood and callouses on my fingertips. And because I KNOW dreams can come true I choose to dream bigger.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said “you cannot give away what you don’t have. You can only give away what you do have.” I have love and peace to give away.


A few things you might read in my unauthorized autobiography some day…

I am a Jersey Girl with a Southern side. My husband cringes every time I play Country music. But he doesn’t mind when sweet tea and grits are on the menu.

Our son learned sarcasm pretty early on. But he also reminds us to stop and smell the roses, literally. “Mommy. You HAVE to smell this!” I have lain on the ground just to smell the flower that he could reach by squatting. I am so grateful that he points out sunrises and birds and the night sky. It is so important to take a moment to see and appreciate beauty. There is beauty in all things; children guide us in the seeing of it.

I really enjoy travelling but, once my family moved to it, I have never lived outside of the county I grew up in. I like to have a home base. An RV/Motor home sounds fabulous but only for a couple of weeks at a time. I like knowing that the extra toilet paper will be in the closet in the hall, not “which of these dang cubby-holes is the TP in!? I have to go NOW!”

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Great Quote! And I love the line about big dreams versus small dreams. lol. I remember those days and from a Mum who has survived sleep training toddlers and has arrived on the other side with teenagers that refuse to wake up in the morning, I can attest that you will get through. While the pay still sucks, this ‘mothering’ job just keeps getting better!

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